Chess Board

There is a lot too choose here. There is a huge variety in chess pieces and boards. Always keep in mind that the chess board and pieces work best when rightly matched. We give detailed advice on the product pages to help you choose the right pieces with the right board.

Which chessboard is the right board for you? This depends mostly on the setting where you want too use it. We have boards for competitive chess, home setting and design boards. For competitive chess the standard chessboard is the Staunton board.

Chess board sizes

Chess boards with a field size of 40 to 45 mm are nice for usage as home. For match chess usually boards with a field size of 50m or more are used. If you also play long games of chess at home, the advise is to look for 50mm or more.

Wooden chess boards

A lot of chess boars are made of wood because this is easy on the eyes. These are the boards which are most often used for tournament chess since they are solid and practical in use.

Synthetic chess boards

Synthetic foldable chessboards are often use to take with you on a trip. They are easy to clean and store.

The right piece for the right board

The sizing of chess pieces will mostly be given in staunton sizings. For instance: on a Staunton 4 board you should ideally use Staunton 4 pieces. In practice quite often people make the wrong choice. This is why we will give advice. When choosing a board we will show matching chess pieces in the right column for advice.

Plastic Chess Boards No: 3, foldable

Board: 36x 36 cm Squares: 40 x 40…

Plastic Chess Boards No: 5, foldable

Board: 44 x 44 cm Squares: 50 x…

Plastic Chess boards No: 6, luxury foldable

Board: 51 cm x 51 cm Squars: 55 mm x 55 mm …

Plastic Chess boards No: 6, simple, foldable

Board size: 52 x 52 cm Squares:  57 x 57 mm Color:  Dark brown / White …

Plastic Chess Boards No: 6, standaard, opklapbaar

Board: 48,5 cm x 48,5 cm Squares: 55 mm x…

Wooden Chess boards No: 5, Brussels, Sycamore/Maple

Wood: Sycamore Maple Size 530 x 530 x 13 mm, Field size 50 mm. …

Wooden Chess boards No: 5, Dark

Fabrikant: Sunrise Handicrafts Officieel Toernooi Formaat Schaakbord afmetingen: 48 x 48 x 1,2 cm Velden: 50 x 50…

Wooden Chess boards No: 5, Mahonie

Board height: 13 mm Square size: 50 x 50 cm Board size: 45 x 45 cm …

Wooden Chess Boards No: 6, The Queen's Gambit

Dark Square: Black Dyed Poplar Light Square: Ash Root pr …

Wooden Chess Boards No:5, Wenge

Dark Square: Wengue pr Light Square: Sycamore Border: Wengue pr …

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DGT Centaur