Chess Clocks: DGT 1001 (Black)

The DGT1001 is a universal game timer suitable for school, club or home use. It has a crystal…

Chess Clocks: DGT 1002 Bonus Timer

The new DGT1002 is the simplest chess clock with bonus options available anywhere. It is extremely easy to…

Chess Clocks: DGT 2010

DGT2010, the official chess clock of the World Chess Federation FIDE. The DGT2010 was introduced in 2007…

Chess Clocks: DGT 2500 - Officiele FIDE Schaakklok

The DGT2500 is the new standard in game timing, approved and recommended by the International Chess Federation FIDE. …

Chess Clocks: DGT 3000

The DGT3000 was launched in October 2014 and is DGT's most advanced chess clock yet. It…

Chess Clocks: DGT 3000 Limited Edition

The DGT3000  is approved by FIDE, the World Chess Federation. The Limited Edition has a beautiful wooden…

Chess Clocks: DGT Easy Gametimer Black Beyond

The DGT Easy is the first digital game or chess clock for everybody and for every game. The…

Chess Clocks: DGT Easy Plus

The DGT Easy Plus is a high quality game timer with modern features. 
It is practically…

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