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Brand: 4M
Shipping Cost NL: 3.00
Shipping Cost BE: 3.00
Not for childeren under the age of: 3 year
Age from: 8 years


Batteries low on your calculator? No problem! Recycle tin cans and pencils to generate electricity and power a calculator. the tin can calculator makes a cool classroom gadget.

Item size: 17cm x 22cm x 6cm


  • A: Can holder x 1
  • B: Pencil x 2
  • C: White wire x 1
  • D: Calculator holder x 1
  • E: Calculator with wires x 1
  • F: Pencil connector x 2
  • G: Pencil holder x 2
  • H: Screw x 6
  • I: Sandpaper sheet x 1
  • J: Adhesive foam x 1

Also required but not included in the kit: used and cleaned aluminium soda can x 2, pencil sharpener, water, salt, a small cross-head screwdriver.