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Brand: Millennium


With the luxury-class e-board, you play on the real chess board with chess apps or online on Lichess. Accessories and cables simply disappear in the noble wooden pedestal.

The Exclusive Board with fully automatic piece recognition and LED move display stands on a noble wooden pedestal, the new Luxe Cabinet. This contains a drawer lined with velvet, in which you can perfectly store the included accessories ChessLink and ChessVolt including all cables as well as the pieces.

The Exclusive Board with piece-recognition provides most comfortable playing experience. The usual "pressing" on the board is no longer necessary - move or drag the pieces as naturally as on a classic chess board.

With the help of the ChessLink module and the free ChessLink app , you can play online on the internationally popular Lichess server. But not on the screen, on your board directly - against millions of people around the world. Here, too, your opponent's moves are displayed with the LEDs on the board. Experience authentic gameplay and concentration in online chess like never before. With software such as HIARCS and the "Chess for Android" app, you have more fascinating applications at your disposal.

The ChessVolt provides the necessary power for many hours of pure chess pleasure.

Thanks to its modular design, the system can be changed at any time without having to replace the core - board and pieces. For example, the system can be expanded at any time with a chess computer module, e.g. The King Element. Board and pedestal are not fixed to each other. This means that the board can be removed from the pedestal at any time and taken along on vacation, for example.

Compatible Software: PC -> Hiarcs Chess Explorer Mac -> Hiarcs Chess Explorer Android -> ChessLink App, Chess for Android iOS -> Hiarcs für iPhone / iPad, ChessLink App in preperation

Play online:

Necessary App -> ChessLink App (available for free in Google Play Store), iOS in preparation! Compatible devices -> Android devices from Android 6.0 with Bluetooth BLE Supported Server ->

Power Supply
per ChessVolt (included)
or mains adaptor (included)

Delivery Scope

  • Electronic RFID chessboard
  • Chessmen
  • ChessLink
  • ChessVolt
  • Luxe Cabinet
  • Mains adaptor
  • Date Cable


Expansion option to a chess computer per "The King Element" (not included)

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