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This beautiful chess set was used during the candidate tournament in Yugoslavia 1959. The chess set has the colored finials on top of the king, queen and bishop, typically for classic middle european chess pieces.

The chess set resembles the pieces which were popular in the café's in the Austrian Empire in the 19th century. In the 1950's and 1960's the set was one of the most popular chess sets. The set is famous, since it was used for several candidate matches for the world championship. The black chess pieces are ebonised and have a nice gloss.

  • Material pieces: Chikri - black satin painted chikri
  • Pieces are velted
  • Characteristic: Wood blank + satin black
  • King's height: 89 mm
  • two extra queens
  • Delivered in luxurious black cardboard box

Combines with    #5 ≈ 50 mm chess board field size




Wooden Chess Pieces No: 5, KH 89 mm, Zagreb
DGT Centaur
DGT Centaur