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We leave at your disposal these marvellous Staunton chess pieces which connect an immortal classic with delicate decorative elements particularry exposed in the piece of a knight. Elegant, subtle and professionally carved these pieces constitute a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The number of details is well reflected in such things like teeth and nostrils on the knight's muzzle. All the pieces are made of boxwood. 

  • Material pieces: boxwood andblack satin painted boxwood
  • Pieces are velted and weighted
  • Charasteristic: wood blank -  satin black
  • King's height: 95 mm
  • Two extra queens
  • Delivered in white cardboard box

Combines with: #6 ≈ 55 mm chessboard field size

Wooden Chess Pieces No: 6, KH 95 mm, Oxford
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DGT Centaur
DGT Centaur